Idealliance — a not-for-profit trade association of more than 1200 member companies based in the United States has appointed IppStar as its international affiliate for India. Idealliance India will enable Indian print service providers and brand owners to be a part of the worldwide development and adoption of media production standards and best practices.

Print and electronic media service providers from every corner of the world are increasingly integrating Idealliance specifications into their production workflow, including G7, GRACoL, SWOP, PRISM, PSV, among others. Idealliance resources, including Color Management Professional Certification, G7 Process Control and eMediaPro Certification and Qualification programs are setting the bar worldwide for quality and capabilities in an integrated media production and distribution workflow. "The work of Idealliance is global because media production is global. The demands of international business requires Idealliance to communicate and train in different languages and build specifications and best practices for a worldwide platform. Idealliance commits to meet the diverse needs of a global membership through its Affiliate partners. We welcome their support in advancing media production." – Idealliance President and CEO, David Steinhardt

Join Idealliance India

You can become a part of the worldwide movement for quality improvement, standardisation and best practices in media production with annual membership and participation in knowledge programs, qualifications and certifications.

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