IppStar promotes colour management and standardization in printing through its seminars, workshops and training events. It held a colour management roundtable event at the Habitat Centre in Delhi in 2002 on behalf of Best Color-EFI. In 2007 IppStar organized a 5-day colour management certificate course in Delhi and Chennai with Paul Lindstrom of Malmo University and Digital Dots as the main faculty. Paul was assisted by Pongtorn (Tom) Jungtarawat of Gretag-Macbeth. The course was sponsored by Epson India and supported by Gretag-Macbeth (since acquired by X Rite).

In July 2009, IppStar organized the Monsoon Summit event in three cities across India – Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai to put forward and discuss the ISO – 12647 standard. The events in all three cities were addressed by a number of international experts including Erwin Widmer of UGRA and Alan Dresch of Mellow Color, Supree Thongpetch of Colour Doctor in Thailand, and Yan Wei Phin, of GMG in Malaysia. In Chennai, the event was also addressed by Rajendrakumar Anayath of the Heidelberg Print Media Academy.

Apart from fees paid by participants, the Monsoon Summit was sponsored by EFI, X-Rite, AGS, Canon India and Reliance Consumer FINANCE and was supported by the Delhi Printers’ Association, the Delhi Master Printers Welfare Association, the Bombay Master Printers’ Association, the Mumbai Mudrak Sangh, the Madras Printers & Lithographers Association and the Indian Print Exporters Forum.

In 2012, IppStar supported the work of Lekha Lokhande a student at RIT in researching the awareness and knowledge of Indian printers on standardization and certification. In 2013 we are pleased to become the Indian affiliate of the IDEAlliance, a non-profit organization based in the United States of America and committed to best practices and education in print media communication and colour standardization.

We hope to bring the IDEAlliance eLearning courses, conference training programs and certifications to Indian publishers, printers and brand owners. For this purpose, IppStar as the IDEAlliance India affiliate, will roll out a special membership program for individuals and companies and offer various training and consultancies by G7 experts that will lead to meaningful improvement in colour printing, standardization and the certification of experts. Members can avail discounts for the eLearning courses that are already available on the web. Free registration for the G7 Summit at China Print on 15 May 2013 is open. For any query please contact

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