Some of the benefits to IDEAlliance-India members are listed as follows:

  • Listing on the global website of Idealliance which is a referral site considered globally to look for quality and reliable suppliers and also defines the level of standardization followed by the company's supply chain.
  • Listing of all certifications on the Idealliance international website which is searchable by country, region and certification.
  • Access to community groups where you can share and network with other industry professionals.
  • Discounted member rates for Ideallinace – USA programs, services, products and publications.
  • Eligibility for G7 Expert/Professional training programs – members are eligible to be qualified as G7 Expert or G7 Professional.
  • Eligibility for Corporate members to be qualified as G7 Master.
  • Consultancy for best practices and standardization.
  • Consultancy for technical and social audits by print buyers and brand owners.
  • Consultancy and quality control for print and packaging buyers to improve and standardize their supply with improved specifications, communication protocols and standardization. SOPs. Reduce the waste and improve the efficiency of the printing supply chain.
  • Consultancy and help in bringing the industry at par with the global standards and to contribute to overall exports as well as print industry exports.
  • Access to Idealliance training programs, webinars, services, products and publications and for programs conducted by other affiliates such as China, Korea and Europe.
  • Opportunities for training -- on-line training using Idealliance courses at member discounted rates and offline local and in-plant special training events.
  • Discounted rates on Idealliance-India training, events and publications in English and in translation.
  • Discounts on all IppStar seminars and conferences and events. Since IppStar (Ipp Services, training and research) is also a consultancy, research and training company we do offer project, market sizing and industry research to Idealliance India members as well.